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RECOM Power Modules: Low profile DOSA converters made in Europe!

RECOM’s latest innovation increases the power density of DOSA-packaged DC/DC converters to a new level.


The RPM power modules are successfully designed, tested, and manufactured – all in Europe! They are SMD with a land-grid-array package, and with input and output capacitors already included, the RPM series operates without the need for additional components.

Main features

  • High power density (L*W*H = 12.19*12.19*3.75 mm)
  • Wide operating temperature from -40°C up to +107°C at full load
  • Efficiency up to 99%, no need for heatsinks
  • 6-sided shielding
  • Thermally and EMI enhanced 25 pad LGA package
  • Compact DOSA-compatible footprint
  • Low profile


  • Industrial
  • Networks
  • Storage
  • FPGA
  • Battery‐powered equipment
  • Telecommunications
  • POL applications

Efficiency Graph (RPM-6.0)



The RPM modules stand out due to their exceptional efficiency of up to 99%, enabling a low-profile package to fit perfectly in applications where space is critical. These modules offer one of the highest power densities in a DOSA footprint on the market with a profile of only 3.75mm. They provide 1, 2, 3, or even 6A in the same-sized package for scalability.

Derating Graph (RPM-6.0)



The 6A module has at least 50% higher power density than its peers on the market, all thanks to the new IC and a novel multilayered PCB layout. It is thermally optimized to channel the heat away from the board - so without derating, it delivers over 800W/in³ at up to 90°C. With a ground plane in the PCB together with the metal housing, the 6-sided shielding guarantees great EMC performance.


RPM dimensions in millimeters


Datasheet Part number Power (W) Vin Vout (VDC) Iout (mA) Outputs Case Isolation (kV) Cont. SCP
PDF Download RPM3.3-1.0 3.3 3-17 VDC 3.3 1000 1 25 pad LGA - yes
PDF Download RPM5.0-1.0 5 3-17 VDC 5.0 1000 1 25 pad LGA - yes
PDF Download RPM3.3-2.0 6.6 3-17 VDC 3.3 2000 1 25 pad LGA - yes
PDF Download RPM3.3-3.0 9.9 3-17 VDC 3.3 3000 1 25 pad LGA - yes
PDF Download RPM5.0-2.0 10 3-17 VDC 5.0 2000 1 25 pad LGA - yes
PDF Download RBB10-2.0 10 2.3-5.5 VDC 05 2000-4000 1 25 pad LGA - yes
PDF Download RPM5.0-3.0 15 3-17 VDC 5.0 3000 1 25 pad LGA - yes
PDF Download RPM3.3-6.0 19.8 4-15 VDC 3.3 6000 1 25 pad LGA - yes
PDF Download RPM5.0-6.0 30 4-15 VDC 5.0 6000 1 25 pad LGA - yes

RPM Evaluation Boards

RECOM also developed evaluation boards so that customers are able to test the RPM modules quickly and easily.