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Power Supplies for a Smarter World

The Internet of Things (IoT) is an umbrella term that covers many groups of related concepts, but in essence, these concepts share the following features: distributed intelligence, multiple interconnected sensors/actuators and decentralized control. In practice, IoT means that certain spaces, environments or objects can be made “smart” by incorporating sensors that can communicate to make them behave intelligently. IoT examples include offices that adjust themselves to ambient light levels or to human presence, machines that monitor their own health or homes that learn our daily routines to automatically save energy without compromising on our comfort.

All of this new technology needs power: either highly efficient, low standby consumption AC/DC power supplies that can be used in a smart office with hundreds of intelligent sensor nodes, very low input current switching regulators that can scavenge power from the output of a wired sensor, low cost isolated DC/DC power supplies for multiple input channels or a very low input voltage boost converter to generate a useful power supply from a single battery cell. Not every power supply is suitable for an IoT application. They must be highly efficient at both low load and full load, they must be space-saving, they must be reliable and, above all, they must be affordable as they will be as ubiquitous as the sensors, processors and actuators that they supply. The following selection of RECOM power supply products have been chosen because they meet all of these basic requirements.

IoT will be ubiquitous, requiring many small AC/DC supplies to power the sensor networks. The RAC series are  low cost, compact, efficient low power supply modules ideally suited to IoT installations. They have low standby power requirements, yet can deliver up to 175% peak load. They work from all standard AC power supply voltages and are fully certified to worldwide standards, including the 60355-1 household norm (RACxx-GA).

Low profile AC/DC converters (2-3W)

Datasheet Part number Power (W) Vin Vout (VDC) Iout (mA) Outputs Case Isolation (kV) Cont. SCP
PDF Download RAC02-05SE/277 2 80-305 VAC 05 400 1 Standard 3 yes
PDF Download RAC02-12SE/277 2 80-305 VAC 12 167 1 Standard 3 yes
PDF Download RAC02-24SE/277 2 80-305 VAC 24 83 1 Standard 3 yes
PDF Download RAC02-3.3SE/277 2 80-305 VAC 3.3 600 1 Standard 3 yes
PDF Download RAC02-05SE/277/W 2 85-305 VAC 05 400 1 Standard 3 yes
PDF Download RAC02-12SE/277/W 2 85-305 VAC 12 167 1 Standard 3 yes
PDF Download RAC02-24SE/277/W 2 85-305 VAC 24 83 1 Standard 3 yes
PDF Download RAC02-3.3SE/277/W 2 85-305 VAC 3.3 600 1 Standard 3 yes

In large US office blocks, the lighting supplies are often powered from a 277VAC supply. The RAC-SE series have an extra wide input voltage range to cover 90-305VAC supplies to enable intelligent lighting and smart office/ smart building applications. In addition, the RAC03-SER has a unique round shape only 11mm thick to allow mounting inside a standard wall box behind a socket or switch plate. As befitting a power supply meant for worldwide applications, the SE series are IEC/EN/UL safety certified for industrial and household applications.

Industry 4.0 will revolutionize smart manufacturing, creating smart factories that communicate with each other to speed up the manufacturing chain. As the number of sensors, actuators, drives and control nodes increase, it will become crucial that the interactions remain secure and reliable.

Therefore, RECOM offers low profile & low cost DC/DC converters for IoT applications as well as boost and buck switching regulator modules specially designed for very low power applications.

Low profile & low cost DC/DC converters (1W)

Very low power switching regulators

R-78S evaluation board allows battery calculations

RECOM’s R-78S evaluation board allows engineers to effortlessly test the functionality of the R-78S switching regulator, which boosts a AA battery or external supply voltage to 3.3V for low power IoT applications. The evaluation board is equipped with several jumper headers to measure input and output current and voltage - allowing typical battery lifetime calculations in both active and standby mode.

Datasheet Part number Power (W) Vin Vout (VDC) Iout (mA) Outputs Case Isolation (kV) Cont. SCP
PDF Download R-78S3.3-0.1-EVM-1/SBL-1 - VDC - -

Gerber Files

Download the Gerber Files.

R-78S boosts a AA battery to continuous 3.3V for IoT

The R-REF02-78S is a ready-to-use design for 3.3V IoT applications. It generates 3.3V from a single AA battery and can directly be used in any application. The reference design contains a AA battery holder and an R-78S3.3-0.1 boost converter. Two jumper headers J1 and J2 connect to the output voltage and the CTRL pin of the R-78S converter. An enable pin puts the R-78S into sleep-mode where it draws only 7uA from the battery.

Gerber Files

Download the Gerber Files.