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In the News section, you will find the latest product and company news. Our Team, therefore, provides the press releases and articles.
If you have any questions about the latest press releases, articles or news about RECOM Power, please contact press(at)recom-power(dot)com

We ask for your understanding that we exclusively answer media questions only.
Kindly refer to our E-Mail Support on other matters.

Media list subscription

Journalists/Editors are welcome to subscribe to our press and media list.
Simply email us and you will automatically receive the latest RECOM news.
This list is only for media. We hope for your understanding.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Your RECOM PR team



Our brand is protected by trademark, copyright and other intellectual property laws. If you would like to use any of our brand features on your website,
in an ad, in an article or book, or reproduce them anywhere else, or in any other medium, you'll need to receive permission from RECOM first.
These brand features can be used only pursuant to RECOM Guidelines, and for the specific purposes for which RECOM has given permission.

You may send your request for high resolution images and logos by email to us.


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