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Application Notes & Whitepapers

On this page you can download whitepaper and application notes on a wide range of topics across our areas of expertise in the power supply industry.


Besides the transistor itself, the driver circuit is a significant contributor to the robustness of the final design. Hereby stray capacitances and parasitic inductances influence the performance of the design significantly. These design difficulties that come along this new technology have to be taken into account by design engineers.

This whitepaper shares some design guidelines and advice on how to reduce failure causes and simplify the design - with application examples for a better comprehension.
Ever wondered how the main classes of isolation can look like in a physical DC/DC converter?

Our whitepaper shows the concepts and components to create the desired isolation in DC/DC converters, which are used in critical applications, where a higher level of isolation and therefore a higher level of safety is indispensable.
LEDs are non-linear devices, which need to operated at a narrow band between off and on. This puts special requirements on the power source, also called the LED driver.

What we want to show in this whitepaper is how constant current sources are used to keep the brightness of all single LEDs in a LED system on the same level.

This will assist you when drafting your LED lighting design and the sample circuits will give you some ideas which kind of functionality can be realized in your LED lighting design.
The effects of parasitic coupling in electrical designs are not visible at first, so to identify them, special equipment is needed.

In this whitepaper we give a short introduction to basic EMC knowledge and which EMC considerations are key in designing power supplies. The shown EMC tests can trace the most common failure causes.

An analysis of the most important power conversion topologies concludes in many ways to reduce the negative EMC effects in your design.
The high switching speeds of the latest GaN HEMT technology cause parasitic effects, which could bring the entire gate driver in disarray. The PCB layout of the driver circuit plays a crucial part to manage these high-frequency parasitics.

This whitepaper shows how the usage of DC/DC converters with low leakage capacitance and compliance with design guidelines eliminate these causes of failure and simplify the design.

Application Notes

Our Application Notes offer valuable information on the application of our DC/DC and AC/DC converters in regards to the functions of our products, temperature and cooling considerations, input and outputs, filtering, protections, earth connections, isolation, solder reflow profiles, packaging and so on.