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About RECOM RECOM. We power your products!

Our headquarters is located in the heart of Europe in the beautiful Salzkammergut. In this inspiring nature scenery, our engineers hatch new ideas to make power supply modules even more efficient and reliable. In recent years, we have invested tens of millions into the development of innovative products, which boosted our growth bringing us closer to our goal of reaching $100 million in annual revenue. In the upcoming decade, we will work hard to promote the concept of the modular, decentralized power supply architecture.

RECOM products are successful in all areas of electronics - from industrial automation and energy technology over e-mobility, measurement and railway technology to medical electronics and the Internet of Things. The three main pillars of our success are our state-of-the-art products, reliable customer support and above all, an extensive distribution network. Our customers can source for RECOM power modules all over the globe from renowned distribution and catalogue partners in under 48 hours.

Company History

Early on, in the late 1970s, RECOM recognized that the trend for off-the-shelf switching power supplies would be followed by modular isolated DC/DC converters. RECOM actively shaped this trend from the beginning and is currently broadening its presence in the AC/DC power supply segment with a power range up to 1000W.

More information

1974Foundation of RECOM International Power in Dietzenbach, Germany
1988Launch of first DC/DC Converter - RB-0505
2003Foundation of RECOM Development and RECOM Logistics in Gmunden, Austria
2004Expansion to Asia – RECOM Asia in Singapore
2005Launch of the R78-Series, which quickly set a worldwide and often copied product standard.
2006Expansion to the Americas – RECOM Power, Inc. in New York, USA
2007Opening Environmental and Reliability Test Lab in Gmunden, Austria
2007Relocation from Dietzenbach to Dreieich, Germany
2008Introduction of LED Driver series
2009Introduction of first reinforced converter series
2012Worldwide expansion, new business unit RECOM Lighting
2012Relocation from Dreieich to Neu-Isenburg, Germany
2012Opening of SMT-Manufacturing RECOM Technology Ltd. in Taiwan
2012RECOM Development & Trading GmbH & Co KG becomes RECOM Engineering GmbH & Co KG
RECOM Distribution & Logistics GmbH becomes RECOM Power GmbH
2014Opening of the new Headquarters in Gmunden, Austria
2014Expansion to Japan - RECOM Power Japan KK
2015 Opening of State-of-the-Art EMC Lab in Gmunden, Austria
2016Relocation of the US office to Denver, USA
2017Foundation of RECOM Power CN (Xiamen) Co. Ltd. in Xiamen, China 
2018Foundation of RECOM Power Solutions in Vienna, Austria

Power Electronics for the world market from the heart of Europe

The RECOM group in Gmunden, Austria, has built a campus-like headquarters site with a total of three thousand square metres of floor space in a bid to intensify the company’s commitment to the electrical power supply. In addition to a modern logistics centre and new management facilities, RECOM has placed special focus on its labs, extending the R&D, testing, investigation and quality assurance labs by a state-of-the-art EMC lab; this comes as a substantial boost to the company’s capabilities in the high-frequency range serving Austria and southern Germany. The 3m-SAC (semi-anechoic chamber) equipped by Rohde & Schwarz will see standard-compliant measurements performed at a frequency range of 30 MHz to 3 GHz according to CISPR22. The SAC features an automated measurement procedure on test pieces at up to one metre in diameter, and the computer-controlled turntable and near-field probes allow fully automatic determination of critical interference sources in each test piece.

Apart from that, the laboratory is equipped for measurements according to EN 61000-4-x and EN 61000-3-2, the latter playing an especially important role in LED drivers. The in-house GTEM cell can also examine the test piece’s behaviour for radiated immunity. RECOM has set aside separate rooms at the RECOM campus as well as three studio flats for visiting students and researchers to facilitate closer cooperation with universities, colleges and other higher-level academic institutions.

RECOM customers and partners can also use the company’s highly equipped labs to test their own prototypes. Close cooperation with other companies in the electrical power supply sector is set to develop into an innovative electrical power supply cluster between Munich, Linz and Graz in the long term.


Gmunden (Austria)
Research & Development, Tech Support, Supply Chain Management, Marketing, Accounting, Distribution


Austria is the creative center of the RECOM Group. Two thirds of RECOM’s development engineers focus on designing innovative and future-oriented products, starting from a concept to its final implementation.

To continue the growing expansion of the company, RECOM has located its headquarters in the heart of Europe. Modern laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment are installed in the 3000m² building. As an innovation leader, RECOM offers a full range of power supply services, ranging from modern EMC labs to Value Added Services for our customers, partners and students.  

Vienna (Austria)
Rep Office for EMEA 

Neu-Isenburg (Germany)
Rep Office for EMEA

The headquarter of the EMEA sales is in Neu-Isenburg, which is 5km South of Frankfurt-Downtown and only 10km East of the Frankfurt International Airport.

Neu-Isenburg offers its inhabitants, companies, and employees every comfort that is needed for life and work: Exquisite shopping facilities, a wide range of schools and nurseries, renowned leisure, culture, and sport facilities as well as an excellent international cuisine. Thanks to its close proximity to Frankfurt am Main, its excellent transport links, and its location in the Rhein-Main region, Neu-Isenburg has undergone continuous development, which has even increased in the last few years. The extraordinary growth of the economy during the past few years is proof of the success of local businesses such as RECOM.

As a result of this, other major players in the microelectronics beside of RECOM - such as Arrow, International-Rectifier and UL - have moved their European headquarters to Neu-Isenburg, which in turn allows RECOM’s sales and support team to quickly conform to our customers’ and distributors’ needs.


Rep Office for Asia

Singapore was founded as a British trading colony in 1819 and can now be considered as one of the world's most prosperous countries with strong international trading links (its port is one of the world’s busiest in terms of tonnage handled) and a GDP per capita equal to that of leading nations of Western Europe.

The new sales and distribution site“RECOM Asia Pte. Ltd.” was established in late 2004 and is expected to further cement Singapore as a hub to reach out to the Asia-Pacific markets. The presence of our distribution partners in the region has helped to bring us closer to the customer and lay the foundation for future business endeavors. After intensively promoting RECOM and reliably supporting our customers, we are being recognized as what we are: one of the market leaders in the field. 

Rep Office for Asia

Shanghai, with a population of more than 25 million, is one of the largest and most prosperous cities in the nation. It is also the economic, financial and cultural center of China. In 2014, China firstly established the free trade zone in Shanghai. More and more worldwide famous companies come to here. Shanghai always has her own way to attract the world.

RECOM China was established in 2009 in XUHUI, Shanghai. We have sales, marketing, fae and customer service to support the rapidly growth in China. With the very strong distribution partners, the revenue of RECOM China increase no less than 30% every year.

Rep Office for Japan

Tokyo is the largest, over 9.2 million people, and one of the most industrialized cities in the World. As the third economy in the planet, Japan offers plenty of opportunities and hosts more than fifty Fortune500 companies in Tokyo alone. Japan has been considered since 1980s a major hub of technology and innovation, and is one of the strongholds of quality versus cost.

RECOM Power Japan KK was established in 2014 in Shinjuku, Tokyo, to support the rapidly growth in the north east Asian region. Local presence in Japan allows RECOM to strengthen relationships with local companies and develop strong partnerships based on the quality-oriented portfolio that makes RECOM one of the leaders in the power supply market.

Kaohsiung (Taiwan)

Kaohsiung is the biggest city in Southern Taiwan and offers bountiful natural resources and diverse ethnic cultures. Kaohsiung used to be a heavy industrial city based on steel and petrochemicals; however, in recent years it has transformed itself into a tourism-oriented city which strongly promotes its history, culture and natural resources.

For the past 10 years, RECOM Manufacturing Co. Ltd in Kaohsiung has helped to enforce technological innovation and growth in the power-supply field. The recently established SMT factory will further increase business opportunities and facilitate worldwide supply and shortened lead-times. This is especially interesting since the Kaohsiung harbor will be expanded within the next years, further strengthening the region’s economic significance. 


Denver, Colorado
Rep Office for the Americas

Our headquarters for the Americas is located in Denver, Colorado. From this centralized office, the RECOM Power, Inc. team provides sales and technical support services for all North and South American markets. We serve large original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and smaller, lower volume users through our network of sales representative firms and distributors in the Americas.

Colorado has been ranked third in the USA for high-tech workers per capita seven years running, has the second highest educated population in the nation, and Denver was named 2015’s best place for business and careers by Forbes Magazine. With all these achievements, it made perfect sense for RECOM to open its new North American Headquarters in the Mile High City. Given the Centennial State’s central location, we now have the capacity for same-day communication with the East and West coasts, Europe, Asia, and South America.