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How to avoid financial and legal disaster by correctly sourcing your components

The market is flooded with not only cheap, but also illegal copies of electronic components from counterfeiters around the world. Saving a few cents on the BOM, however, can cause some costly issues in the field. To avoid all these financial and legal troubles, RECOM urges customers to buy AC/DC and DC/DC converters from authorized distributors only.

Buying RECOM converters from an unauthorized source can lead to major issues in your design, as it is almost certain that these cheap copies do not conform to RECOM’s high quality standards. For RECOM it is important to protect its customers against inferior fakes which can cause machines and devices to malfunction, increasing production downtimes, shortening application lifetimes or even endangering people. On their website, these counterfeiters even use original product images from RECOM, but in reality both part number designation and logo are fake. RECOM is working hard to track down the illegal providers and take legal action against them. Customers should protect themselves from such unpleasant surprises by obtaining converters exclusively through authorized distributors.

For more information and a complete list of authorized distributors and please visit: