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High-Quality Power Modules at Low Cost

Keep your BoM under control, and save development time! Modular converters were always considered to be more expensive than discrete solutions. However, with the commissioning of its own SMT factory, RECOM is able to offer select converter series at very attractive prices.

With economy of scale, RECOM is able to realize cost savings compared to similar products without compromising quality. Whether on-board or off-board AC/DC, regulated or unregulated DC/DC converters, switching regulators or LED drivers, RECOM’s portfolio offers a low-cost solution for each category.

Engineers already know how unexpected problems such as component tolerances, testing failures and EMC issues coming from discrete designs can lead to horrendous delays and re-design costs. The planned launch of a product can quickly be delayed by months. Complete, pre-tested, pre-certified modules not only save on development time but also reduce the risk of time-to-market delays and simplify the final certification process. However, it is not only the design engineer that wins by using low-cost and high-quality RECOM products, but also the buyer as procurement begins and ends with one single module instead of specifying and sourcing numerous components.