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RECOM proudly participates in European Research

RECOM is a part of the Horizon 2020 EU Research and Innovation Program. RECOM and another 11 European companies are working together on the project called GaNonCMOS, which was kicked-off on January, 24th 2017 in Brussels.

In the next 4 years this consortium will develop novel low cost and reliable GaN-based process, components, modules and integration schemes, and demonstrate their performance and economic potential on system level for significant energy reduction in a wide range of energy intensive applications. The output will be several demonstrator modules using integrated GaN power switches with CMOS drivers and new soft magnetic core materials reaching switching frequencies in MHz range. Together with embedded PCB technology this development will drive a new generation of densely integrated power electronics and pave the way toward low cost, highly reliable systems.

RECOM’s knowledge of the market will help to define the demonstrators, which will ease the time to market of this new technology. Also, RECOM will help in characterization of the new inductive materials and will do all the extensive environmental and reliability testing of the demonstrators.

Within this European Research, RECOM is working together with KU Leuven, Epigan, Fraunhofer, IBM Research, AT&S, IHP, Tyndall National Institute, PNO Innovation, NXP Semiconductors, and X-FAB Semiconductor Foundries.

The official press release can be read here.