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AC/DC and DC/DC Converters, Switching Regulators, LED Drivers

RECOM is a manufacturer of electronic power supply converters with over 30,000 compact modules for use in a wide variety of  applications. RECOM specializes in AC/DC converters and DC/DC convertersswitching regulators and LED drivers and provides worldwide customer service.

150 guests attended ELEKTRONIKPRAXIS’ annual gala evening in February 2019 at the Kesselhaus in Munich. RECOM was proud to be honored with the...

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RECOM’s railway portfolio has been further extended with the new RP12-AR DC/DC converter series. These compact 12W 1”x1” modules operate with 90%...

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Product Categories

We provide modular solutions for your power requirements.

We offer AC/DC converters with a variety of options: PCB mounted, off-board, wired, DIN-Rail as well as multiple isolation grades and certifications. Whether medical, industrial, household or low-power IoT applications, our portfolio has a modular solution to power your design, saving costs and speeding up your time-to-market.

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Our DC/DC converters are modular solutions for industrial controls, isolated power and point-of-load applications, covering a power range from 0.25- 240 Watts along with multiple I/O voltage combinations. Whether regulated or unregulated, isolated to 10kVDC, or laid out for extremely high ambient temperatures of +100°C - we offer a suitable converter for every application.

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Following the success of the original R-78, we have extended our portfolio of high performance switching regulators to cover a wide range of board mounted applications. High efficiencies and wide input voltage ranges make them a reliable drop-in solution at a low cost.

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Our constant current and constant voltage LED drivers from 3W to 150W have been designed for integration into furniture, hidden under shelving, or installed into fittings due to their compact design. 

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Free AC/DC Ebook

Our AC/DC Book of Knowledge is a detailed introduction to the AC/DC world. 

Free DC/DC Ebook

Our DC/DC Book of Knowledge is a detailed introduction to the DC/DC world. 

Sample Request

Request product samples free of charge for your design.

About us

The RECOM group is a power supply manufacturer from Austria with over 40 years of experience in developing and manufacturing the latest converter technology in a power range from 0.25W to 960W.

Worldwide customers have access to the largest selection of DC/DC converters and AC/DC power supplies on the market plus a broad range of switching regulators and LED drivers, all of which comply with international safety standards and carry the latest certifications.

RECOM has offices in Europe, North America and Asia, enabling the sales and support team to quickly offer worldwide technical support.

The global network of distributors ensures fast delivery times, and worldwide product availability.

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