I need more than 24V out in my application, but I can’t find anything in your catalog. How can I get this output voltage?

You can use a dual 15V output converter (+/-15V), omitting the common pin and using only the +Vout pin and –Vout pins. Dual output converters regulate between the +ve and –ve output rails only, so connection to the common pin is unnecessary for the converter to work normally. This is true of any dual output converter, so +/-5V = 10V, +/-9V = 18V, +/-12V = 24V and +/-15V = 30V.


If isolation is not required, the –ve output pin can be connected to the +ve input pin to boost a supply voltage. For example, a 12V battery feeding a 30W 12V output converter wired up this way will generate a 24V output voltage with 60W of available power (12V@30W from the battery + 12V@30W from the converter = 24V@60W)