What’s the linearity range of the dimming function?

The linearity outside the 10~90% range of the PWM dimming is not perfect, but still pretty good. The Analog dimming can be used in a 0~100% range.


How does the Analog dimming function work?

The analog voltage is used to control an internal PWM circuit.


How does the PWM dimming function work?

The controller chip has a multi-stage shutdown:

On : Open or 0V < Vr < 0.6V

minimum quiescent current - all circuits shut down - slowest restart response time

Off (Standby) : 0.6V < Vr < 2.9V

output power stage and PWM oscillator off - medium restart response time

Off (Shutdown) : 2.9V < Vr < 6V

output power stage off, all other circuits active - quickest restart response time