Product Highlight

RECOM develops SMD Switching Regulators as Power Trends Substitute

TI announcement to discontinue the production of their Power Trends switching regulators (PT78ST100, 78SR100, etc.) at the end of 2013, and while many of RECOM's switching regulators are drop-in replacements for the through-hole packages, there were no drop-in replacements for the SMD packages. In order to fill this gap, RECOM decided to introduce the R-78T series: a newly developed, 1:1 compatible SMD product line. This can help avoid costly re-designs for customers who are still using Power Trends switching regulators.[more]


Mini power supplies for extreme temperatures

While home electronics operate at relatively comfortable temperatures, the same is not true for many industrial applications. Due to their wide operating temperature range of -40°C to +80°C, Recom´s new 4W mini power supplies are well equipped to supply outdoor sensors or control units in residential as well as industrial applications.[more]

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